Search engine marketing or SEM is always a beaten path for our team of professionals with a proven track record to obtain better SERP rankings for our clients's websites.

We can offer these services for any type of product, and are successful to obtain good results with all popular search engines at once. There are wide varieties of search engine marketing strategies to apply from our team for a business, and those are

Pay per Click Search engine marketing strategy.

Paid Submission strategy

Featured position or sponsorship strategy

Search engine marketing

Improved Meta tag replacement and keyword replacement strategy

Data Management

NoWake is always there to help you to generate improved revenue from the already existing data.

Our main motto is to manage the existing data and to improve the income for your business. This is a perfect approach to develop success along with wealth through unleashing the hidden assets and some other neglected opportunities. This monetizing the existing data to the maximum extent through the popular 7 revenue channels online like affiliate marketing, mobile marketing, Search Engine marketing, email marketing, Social Media Marketing, telemarketing and some more. It is all easy through effective data management system.

NoWake is equipped with a qualified data management team that is popular and reliable for many business CEOs, Popular authors, successful entrepreneurs and reliable marketing experts all over the globe. Our current clientele in the data management services ranges from small business owners to big businesses. These clients are different from their virtue, but received common profitable results through our valuable data management services. All our clients often appreciate our team of data management experts for their outstanding efforts and valuable ideas that are always successful to offer increased profits on constant basis for businesses.

NoWake team of executives from all parts of the world applies some of the proven approaches that belong to various industries through customized adaptation in to the specific business. This kind of special approach is resulting into powerful advantage for all our clients with their data management system in many ways. This is a perfect approach to obtain broader perspective and reasonable consciousness in the process of using existing data in accordance with the present competitive markets and to obtain improved revenue in return too.

Search Engine Marketing

This is a perfect affiliate network platform with perfect management to offer Red Carpet to selected exclusive advertisers.

Also, there will be interesting Rock Star offering with special campaign management facility along with analytical tools. These analytical tools will be a great help to decide and select right campaign offers, which are ideal for you. This is clearly indicating that we're always quite selective towards advertising network with exclusive full-service.

What about the end Result? We create our band and initiate combined tour to let the campaign excel well and also generate improved revenue in addition. It will be hard to expect anything further for you, as the band will do everything for you.

NoWake is currently a popular and distinct authority in the field of data management and in improving the business performance. This is obtained mainly through the data management triage concept. Our team is always brimming with unending energy along with a proper vision to offer breakthrough thinking with perfect execution in the field of management, marketing, strategy and innovation of a business. Our aim is always to focus over leveraging upside besides reducing the downside risk successfully. Our team is always aware of vulnerability, correlations, applications.


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The graduate student is usually required to get a bachelor's degree. Usually, they should have a bachelor's degree in a field related to the master's degree program. The student will have to take the placement tests. In addition, he or she will be able to apply as an assistant for graduate studies in the chosen subject area. Graduate programs usually take 2 to 3 years before completion. In connection with this, students can also take related coursework in advance for an additional knowledge in the field. As a student, you would have to prepare for a lot of research and writing work, especially if you are planning to teach research in the future. You may have to write a thesis paper as a combination for your studies. This will be presented to the faculty upon completion.

Doctorate degrees are the highest degrees that you can get in your academics. You earn this after you have completed a master's degree program. This is usually called a Doctorate of Philosophy or Ph.D. You can learn this degree in almost any field. Here are some of the most popular doctorate degrees in the U.S. Same as with a master's degree, the students will be asked to prepare and present a final thesis that will encapsulate all the things they have learned as well as provide possible solutions to problems or issues within that field. For example, a doctoral student in biology can facilitate researches and studies that can discover new equipments for cancer research.

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Pay Per Call Affiliate Marketing Methods, Ideas, and Tips

Email to call: 60% of all emails are opened on mobile phones. It is very easy to add a phone number to the email creative. All consumer needs to make a call from a mobile phone is click the phone number listed in the email. If you are currently sending emails promoting affiliate offers, you can make extra money by selling phone calls. Adding a phone number adds credibility and studies show that both click through rate and revenue from email campaigns increases by adding a phone number.

Click to call: About half of all mobile searches result in a phone call. Most mobile searchers use the click to call button to connect with a business directly from the search results page.
Google Adwords and Bing Ads both offer call extensions. If you want to see how many calls your Google Adwords or Bing Ads are generating, you can opt in to use their call tracking phone number.
Bing Ads extensions offers local area code phone numbers but Google Adwords does not. Local area code phone numbers get higher click to call rates than toll free numbers
In Google Adwords you can set up multiple call conversions according to call length. You can also assign conversion values for each conversion to track your ROI. Some campaigns pay a flat rate for 60 second call and pay a bonus if call lasts for 10 minutes.
Enhanced campaigns no longer have an option not to bid on desktop searches. But you still have an option of lowering your bids for desktop searches and increasing bids for mobile searches by upto 300%. This decreases the chances that your ad will show on desktop search and increase the probability that your ad will show for mobile search.
Some keywords perform better than others for pay per call offers. Some keywords signal a higher intend than others. For example: keyword [Dallas DUI attorney] is more likely to generate a phone call to an attorney than keyword [DUI].

SMS to Call: Lets review an examples of a compliant SMS to Call promotional methods. Example 1: If consumer sees a banner ad that says [Text “Save” to 98765 to learn more about saving on auto insurance]. After consumer sends text message with word “Save” to number 98765 consumer receives a text back that says “Call (000) 000-0000 to save money on car insurance. Reply STOP to unsubscribe.”
Example 2: Only if consumer has already opted in to receive promotional text messages from the publisher it is ok to send text messages that promote pay per call offers. Publisher should give subscribers an option to opt out and follow TCPA rules when Sending text messages.

Banner to call: There are many banner ad networks. Most ad networks will allow you to target mobile devices. Some ad networks will allow you to set up banner to call campaigns that will allow consumers to make a call by clicking the banner ad.

Website to call: Add phone number to the header of the website. Adding phone number to the header adds credibility to the website and increases chances that people will see the phone number. Make sure that inside the html code you add phone number same way you would add a link plus tel:+1 before the phone number. Sample code (000) 000-0000. By adding this code you will make it easier for mobile phone users to click the phone number listed on the website to make the call.

Hold to call: Instead of playing music while your callers are waiting on the phone you can play a brief commercial that will advertise an offer that is relevant to your callers. For example people that are on hold with collections department can listen to a commercial about getting a loan to pay their bills. Example: While you are waiting for the next available representative consider this message from our partners: If you are employed you can qualify to get a short term loan.

Radio to call: Even before the invention of the internet, companies have been generating phone calls from prospects from radio advertisement. Many radio stations will agree to get paid per inquiry which means per call. Creating radio commercials is very cheap. You can hire a script writer and voice talent for just $5 on Fiverr.

Online Radio to Call: Unlike conventional radio, some online radio companies have ability to add click to call button to the ad. One of the most popular online radios that offers advertising opportunities is Pandora or iTunes radio via iAd.

TV to call:Direct response advertising have been around on TV for decades. Total many TV channels are willing to get paid per inquiry. Many pay per call offers are being promoted on TV screens nationwide. You might have seen generic TV commercials for tax defense or other services.

Flyer to call:Posters and flyers are very effective form of marketing. When you park your car at a supermarket or another large parking lot.

Yellow Pages to call: Even before the invention of the internet, companies have been generating phone calls from prospects from the Yellow Pages Listings. However, since the explosion of the internet and smartphones, the Yellow Pages have adapted and become more of an online business listing resource. Although the Yellow Pages print directories are still mailed out, today; their focus has rightfully switched to digital mediums. By advertising with the Yellow Pages, you are able to list both your business website, and phone number for potential prospects to call in as leads. Remember, depending on the offer you run, you may want to consider Yellow Pages simply for their unique demographic. The demographic of users who still read the printed Yellow Pages directories, are people with higher income who are roughly 45 years and older.

Pay Per View (PPV) to Call:Pay Per View or Cost Per View (CPV) advertising is very good and quality source to pay for traffic. This is a good way to generate targeted pop-under traffic. There are many CPV ad networks, and some CPV ad networks will allow you to set up call campaigns that will allow consumers to make a call by clicking the pop under. With most CPV Models, you pay for each impression. So why not make sure to include a clickable phone number to call within your advertisement, so that you double your chances of prospects taking an action on your ad.

Pay Per Call Advertising

Right now, there are millions of customers looking to speak to a business before buying a product. So they pick up the phone. But how can you get to those buyers? Pay per call advertising.Pay per call is the bridge between online and offline advertising. Some examples include:
  • TV commercials
  • Click to call
  • Abandoned phone calls
  • Warm transfers

Customers may discover an advertiser through a TV commercial or mobile PPC ad. And with the rise of mobile, pay per call advertising is more important than ever.

Mobile users aren't interested in filling out forms. They’d rather go straight to the source using a ‘click to call’ ad extensions. This is when you’re searching for something and see a ‘call now’ button for the first result. They let users call a business with one click, straight from the search results.

Another popular method uses abandoned phone numbers. Have you ever called a business to find the number was no longer in service? Abandoned phone numbers are everywhere, and a potential opportunity for advertisers.

An advertiser can attach their phone number to that call. The caller would be transferred from any kind of abandoned call to another business. The advertiser gets a warm lead, and the caller gets to talk to an actual business.

Leads Are Deeper into the Sales Funnel
The user searches for a term – say, “Plumber” – because they have an issue they’re looking to solve. Unless they’re really proactive, they already have a need for one. These users are past the awareness and interest stage and are an active prospect. They want someone on the phone, now, to come out, quote a price, and fix the problem.

It Grabs Attention
Think about the last time you were home sick from work and watching TV. Now, do you remember any commercials for a law firm or medical provider? The commercial may have asked "if you or a family member has ever been in an automobile accident." People calling these businesses become direct and exclusive calls for the advertisers.

It’s Easily Measurable
With pay per call companies can use a separate phone number for each campaign. This lets the advertiser track metrics and listen to call recordings.
Sometimes, tracking and reporting is provided through the pay per call provider. Some even offer the reporting in real-time. Since all data is stored in the back end, this eliminates the need for a bunch of different phone numbers to track.
From all this data, advertisers can closely analyze all calls. Inferences made from these stats help advertisers improve the campaigns.

Leads Will Be High-Quality
With pay per call, advertisers only pay when the phone rings. And, in most cases, there’s a minimum call duration. For example, only paying for calls longer than one minute. This ensures that each call is a quality call and not a mistake. Call quality is generally higher the longer the minimum duration is.
Some services even allow for a buffer to help qualify the call. For example, a company may have an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. These direct callers to "click 1 for sales, 2 for support," etc. If the campaign is set up to drive sales, someone clicking '2' is likely a current customer, and thus, not a qualified lead.

You Can Learn from Call Recordings
Listening to call recordings is a great way to learn from your ads. They’ll tell advertisers two key things: <

  • What’s working? Pull up a call and listen to the transaction. Were you connected with a lead looking for your service or product? If so, pay per call is doing its job. If not, you can figure out what needs to change. For example, maybe you need to switch up what times the ad runs.
  • Where do you need to improve? Sure, we all like to believe that every call's handled with care and dedication. But, sometimes there's a breakdown in communication between leads and who’s picking up the phone. Take Comcast, for example. A call between an agitated customer and an overzealous employee led to some unsavory press. But, without this recording, Comcast wouldn't learn the error of their ways, and we would be a tad less amused today.
Listening to campaign recordings will help identify why some leads convert better than others. And they'll provide insight to close more leads in the future.

It's Cost Effective
Some people think pay per call is so expensive, it’s just easier to use pay per click. Sure, pay per call campaigns can be expensive, but they're also effective when optimized.
Pricing varies on the call duration, category, industry, and advertiser competition. One of the most active verticals is “Rehab/Rehabilitation Facilities.” A rehabilitation facility may pay $100 per call. But campaign is very targeted and the caller is already far into the funnel.
It might take 15 calls before they close one deal, resulting in $16,000 in revenue. So, their pay per call ROI may look like this:

$100 per call x 15 leads = $1,500 investment 1 new customer = $16,000 Net: $14,500

While the cost per call might be higher than pay per click advertising, it's guaranteed. Each lead's an active prospect, so conversion rates are higher.
The same facility may also use pay per click advertising, paying $1.70 for each click. For every 100 clicks, they might generate one call. To generate the same 15 calls enjoyed with pay per call advertising, they must generate 1,500 clicks.
When generating leads, pay per call may not always be able to stand alone. Using it to complement something like pay per click, however, can be just what your advertising needs. But adding it into your advertising mix will bring you high quality leads that are ready to close.

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